AnBryce Scholars

AnBryce NYU Undergraduate Scholars

The AnBryce Scholarship was expanded in 2008 to include deserving undergraduates. Recipients must first be accepted to New York University and based on their application, are considered for the scholarship. Ongoing support is provided by the Office of Student Affairs and by the Foundation from the time they begin their studies until they graduate and beyond.

Scholars are expected to demonstrate scholarship through academics and service, become leaders in the NYU community and support the Foundation’s efforts in nurturing younger students. Scholars serve as counselors at Camp Dogwood and lead sessions at the Saturday Institute.

The first cohort graduated in May 2011.

AnBryce Scholars Initiative at the University of Notre Dame

The Scholars Initiative is the newest Scholars program and will welcome the first class in 2013. Prospective candidates are the first in their families to attend college and demonstrate great promise in the face of challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

Scholars will participate in programs designed to broaden their horizons, academically, socially and through service. A dedicated team of advisors will mentor the Scholars throughout their college career.